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The primary function of the Nature Conservation Information System is to help the work of national parks and conservation authorities by providing a country-wide database and an application developed specifically for the needs of nature conservation professionals. In addition several pieces of information and many maps are produced within the system, which can be used to provide information for the general public.

The interactive map focuses primarily on data related to eco-tourism, aiding in planning recreational activities or excursions. As a foreigner, You can find out if there is some kind of nationally significant conservation area around Your location. In case You notice some form of pollution You can also find the contact points of the national park directorate or conservation authority competent to Your area.

Another important area of usage are education, nature awareness programs. Before beginning to plan an excursion, field trip it is recommended to consult the map in order to find the national park demonstration site, exhibitions, study trails of interest, find out whether it is open, who to contact, etc. We plan to integrate a thematic search engine to further facilitate the search for study trails and other sites of specific field of interest (botany, geology, cultural histroy, etc.)

Downloadable Natura 2000 shp in kml format /updated 27.07.2012, current 2017!/

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